The New England Builders’ Ball is a gala celebrating small framebuilders and exhibiting their work. 

Come to beautiful and historic Boston, MA on Saturday, September 23, 2017, to see the work of some of the world’s best bicycle makers in the Innovation and Design Building (directions). Admission is only $12 adults, $5 youth, $0 kids under 12, and the event runs from 2 to 10 pm with cash bar, food outside the front door, and some fun surprises.

New England has a grand history of bicycle building and innovation. Pierre Lallement, considered the father of the bicycle, worked in Connecticut and Boston. The North American bike industry started with Colonel Pope’s factory in Hartford in the 1870s. Aegis Bicycles (of Maine) in 1986 became the first U.S. company to make carbon monocoque frames, and in 1987 Merlin Metalworks was founded, a pioneer in titanium frame fabrication. New England continues to be a leader in quality bespoke bicycle building, with many brands known far and wide. The only place in our region to see the work of these builders, all in one place, is the New England Builders Ball.

Admission: just twelve measly bucks, $5 youth, free for kids under 12.

Formalwear not required!